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Baby’s Milestones that you Should be Documenting

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | January 27, 2022

Now that you have brought home your newborn, you can’t bear to be away from your little bundle of joy for even a minute. As a new parent, everyone wants to keep looking at this little miracle so as not to miss a single moment and watch in wonder as they grow into tiny human beings of their own. While making memories is one of the most important things you can do as a family, a little more permanent memories also make for wonderful times years down the line. Your baby will not be able to remember the initial days and months and as they grow up, the memory of their first word or food will remain etched in your mind forever. So it’s a good idea to make these milestones into permanent memories, ones that you can see or watch years later, reminiscing the childhood days. With the growth in gadgets and creative ways of documenting milestones, it’s easier than ever to capture your baby’s important developments in photographs or videos. So why not take the time to create permanent memories that you can revisit at a button’s click? Here are some baby milestones to capture!

  • Teeny tiny mini you: As a newborn, your baby has the tiniest hands and feet that make the biggest impact on you. Capture these on camera or make prints of their feet and hands, so you can always cherish the first moments, as before you know it, they will grow up fast.
  • Baby’s first smile: From a few days to a few weeks old – your baby will deliberately or accidentally flash a smile at you and when this starts to happen, you would want to freeze this moment on film.
  • Turning heads: Before you know it, your baby will gain control over the head and may turn from one side to another to take in the world around them. Nothing like making a video of this moment, one that you can watch over and over again, isn’t it?
  • Reaching out: In the initial few weeks, your baby will make attempts to grab the cot mobile or even your nose – it makes for wonderful memory years down the lane.
  • Gnawing on things: As your baby gets older, they will want to gnaw on anything – be it their hands or their favorite toy – make sure you don’t miss this moment!
  • Rolling over: Before you know it, your little one will be ready to roll over on their side and this is a major milestone that you shouldn’t miss to capture, either on photo or video.
  • Grasping things: From reaching to actually holding onto things, this is a significant development in your baby’s growth chart and one milestone that you would surely want to capture.
  • Baby babbles: As the weeks go by, your baby will come up with babbling sounds and coos to communicate with you. These cute moments make for great memories on video, so make sure you have a camera nearby to record moments like these.
  • Attempts to sit and actually sitting: Somewhere around 4-5 months, your baby will try sitting on their own and will also succeed – so make sure you capture this moment as this is one of those big milestones that you wouldn’t want to miss for the world.
  • Crawling: As the very next big milestone, your baby will attempt to crawl, as pre-signal to walking. It’s a charming stage as they explore the world around them and frequently look around for signs of encouragement and a smile on your face. Nothing like saving this moment forever on video.
  • Baby starts responding: Around this time, your baby will also respond to their name and even other sounds or voices, so it’s good to capture their first response moment as well.
  • Clapping: At some point during this time, all babies learn how to clap and enjoy it too – so be sure to tape this moment so you can rewatch it when your little one is not so little anymore.
  • Baby’s first food: Remember the video that went viral a few years ago of babies trying a lemon for the first time? It’s no surprise as the baby’s mealtime always makes for a very cute video. Depending on when you start them on solids, you can make a video of them trying out new food every time and show it to them as they get older.
  • Standing with and without support: While many may be early walkers, others may take a while to start walking and standing independently. Whenever it happens, it is surely one of the most important milestones that you will look back on for years, so make sure that you capture it.
  • Baby’s first interaction with furry friends: If you have a pet or introduce your baby to a friend’s pet, it makes for an especially cute moment that should be captured on video.
  • Baby’s first interaction with grandparents and other relatives: As your baby meets the rest of the family and starts getting familiar with the others, it makes for great photos especially during holidays, as these are moments even your baby will cherish long after they are grown up.
  • Baby’s first words: This is for obvious reasons, one of those very important milestones, that you will keep talking about for years to come. So it’s a good idea to get these on video, so when you get into a debate about whether the first word was ‘mama’ or ‘dada’, you can play it back and get the answer!
  • Baby’s first imitation: Babies today are growing up faster than ever and most one-year-olds may not speak but do know how to play videos on phone! So as your baby starts to mimic your movements like talking on the phone or stirring their food bowl to cook, make sure you capture these moments!
  • Baby’s first independent activity: Soon after walking, your baby may pick up other activities on their own like brushing their hair or eating with a spoon – these are precious moments that are a sure sign of your little one growing up! So don’t miss capturing this milestone!

Best of luck!

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