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7 ways to help your kids finish their meals

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | July 26, 2021

It’s no surprise that your kid gets fussy during mealtime. Making children finish their meals is a tough task on many days. The more they are picky, the more difficult it is for parents. After all, it is the parent’s duty to ensure that their kids intake the proper amount of nutrients for healthy growth. However, no parent can’t force their kids to finish their meals. Inculcating healthy eating habits is a process that takes time and tricks. But, what are those tips and tricks?

Here are some of them to help you encourage your kids to finish their meals quickly. Good luck!

  1. Mealtime video by Pokochan – The most effective way to make little kids finish the entire meal is to show them the mealtime video by Pokochan. His cute musical video is full of healthy fruits and veggies, and just right for your little one. The video engages the kids and makes them familiar with the shapes and colours of fruits and veggies. Hence, it eventually helps in inculcating healthy eating habits in children from the very beginning. Where to find it? Click on the <link>.
  2. Make mealtime a family experience – Mealtime is one of the most special times of the day as it helps in fostering the bond between the baby and caregiver. So, it is advisable to make mealtime a family affair. The whole family, including kids and the family’s elders, should sit at one place and enjoy the meal together. It helps them finish their meals and feel that they are not left to eat alone.
  3. Let them be your assistant in cooking – Children readily eat what they see getting prepared from their eyes. Engage your kids while preparing the meals or at the time of serving. Take them to the grocery store, let them pick the vegetables and then see how excited they will be while eating their portion of the meal.
  4. Mix 2 spoons of creativity in the meal – Cook different vegetables every day and uniquely serve them. Use colourful plates and serve food in different shapes. Make a heart or smiley, it generates a curiosity in them to explore the taste and texture. Try this simple tip, they will surely love it and finish the meal quickly.
  5. Never step back in appreciating them – Childhood is the age when they desire attention the most. So, whenever they finish their meals or ask you to give them something to eat, always cheer for them. Say ‘good baby’ or ‘well done’ to motivate them for next time.
  6. Let them imitate you – Babies are copycats. Aren’t they? Children follow the eating patterns of their parents. If they see you eating healthy, they will copy you and eventually eat healthily.
  7. Consistency and patience is the key – Inculcating healthy eating habits in kids is not an overnight process. Take tiny steps daily and make mealtime an important part of kids’ lifestyle.

According to the experts, healthy eating habits developed at an early stage remain till adulthood. So, start offering your kids healthy food from today using the simple tips shared above.

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