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Baby essentials needed in first 3 months

Alternative Text By: Sneha Tiwari | December 12, 2018

If you are approaching your delivery and preparing to welcome your bundle of joy into your world, you are definitely hassled with listing the important things that you will require to make the baby comfortable into this new world. The retail bazaar out there is stuffed with items that are very attractive and entice you to fill up your home with few things that will be useful and many things that will only add to the clutter in your house.

Coming of a baby earmarks provision of more space for the baby and the essential baby items that will come accrued. It is also a lot of cost. It is of prime importance that you very judiciously budget your expenses and not blindly give in to the urge of buying fancy stuff that may seem very useful but will find little use in reality.

I do not imply that things will not be required. I simply mean to say, that there are certain items that you can very comfortably do away with, while there are a few without which you will not be able to take care of your baby properly. Having brought up 3 children in my household (two of my own and one of my sister-in-law) I preset a bucket list of essentials that will comfortably take you through the first 3 months-


You will need clothing for your kid right away after your discharge from the hospital as most of the hospitals in India use their stuff inside the hospital. There are various items in clothing that will be required for the new born child from the word go.

  • Nappies: You need to make a choice if you will use cloth nappies for your new born or the disposable diapers.
  • Baby suits: The choice of baby suits depends on the kind of nappies you decide to use. If you are going to use disposable diapers you are free to choose any kind of baby suits including the onesies and jump suits. But if you have decided to use cloth nappies then it is absolutely advised that you use 2-piece baby suits, so that every time your child soils nappies you can do with only changing the lower instead of the entire suit which you will have to do if you put on a onesie / jumpsuit.
  • Mittens & Booties: While footwear is an absolute waste for your loved one until she is on her feet, yet you will need her to put on socks during the winter season. Mittens are required for an absolutely different reason than protection from cold. New born kids have no control over their limb movement, and thus their hands keep coming in contact with their face. Their nails tend to give their sensitive face a lot of scratches, thus making the use of mittens essential.
  • Soft napkins and towels


Swaddles could have comfortably been included in the clothing section, but their significance prompted me to cover them in a separate bullet point. I plan to put up a separate post elaborating on the significance of swaddles. In the meanwhile, you may understand that these are most essential pieces of child clothing because they keep your little one cozy and play a significant role in her sound sleep. You need to make sure that swaddles are made up of breathable cloth material yet be strong enough to control the involuntary limbs movements of the child.

Hygiene and Grooming Items

These are the items where you will find the maximum dilemma in terms of choosing the right brand for your kid. Lately this segment of baby essentials is flooded with big and small brands in our country. And it is important that you figure what will suit your little one. The most important baby grooming items are –

  • Baby oil: Massaging is an integral part of child grooming in our country. Before you are tempted to buy a big stock for your perusal, please try the oil of your choice for at least a week to see if there is any allergic reaction. If there is a reaction, stop the use of oil immediately and seek medical advice.
  • Rash Cream: Cloth Nappies or Disposable diapers, in any case the bottom of your child and the area where the legs join the groin and very prone to rashes because they are most exposed to wetness. A diaper rash cream comes in handy both as a preventive measure as well as a cure.
  • Baby Wash: A bath as frequently as daily is absolutely advised for new born babies. While choosing an appropriate baby wash, keep in mind that it should be mild on the skin and be ‘no tears’.
  • Moisturizing Lotion and a Hair Oil: The after bath regime must be following with a moisturizing lotion and a hair oil suitable to the sensitive child skin.
  • Nail Clipper: You will often wonder about the speed at which your child’s finger and toe nails grow. Keep a baby nails clipper handy.

Medical Essentials

Though you should always seek professional medical help for the slightest of deviations from the normal for your child, yet you should keep certain items handy in your baby vanity box.

  • Colic Pain Reliever: My mom says and now I too vouch by this saying. It goes like, “New Born babies cry only for three reasons (1) They are hungry (2) They have peed or pooped (3) They are experiencing Colic pain” So consult your doctor and ALWAYS keep a colic pain reliever handy.
  • Nebulizer: Infants have no immunity of their own and thus are prone to catching cold at the drop of a hat. The deposits in the nose make it difficult for them to breath and the poor soul often gets into a lot of discomfort. Trust me when your infant catches cold, her discomfort will tear you from the core. Consult your doctor or your peers to choose an appropriate nebulizer.
  • Baby Wipes and a Baby thermometer
  • Saline drops for blocked nostrils

Toys and Baby Accessories

Rattles are the only toys that your loved one will need during the first couple of months. Any other form of toys and baby accessories may find their utility in phases but not all at once. For example: a rocking chair will find use for your baby only after at least 6 weeks while a stroller will be useful only after your child is able to sit (that will be any time after 4months). You will definitely want to buy a world of toys for your bundle of joy, but plan your expenses and manage the clutter in your house wisely. One accessory that I have figured to be very useful in helping you put your baby to sleep is a baby projector with music. You may want to invest in one.

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