Why Should You Pay Special Attention to Your Baby in Summer?

Summer is approaching and it is time that you buckle up. Newborn babies require more care than anyone else. When the temperature is soaring high, the child tends to become annoyed and irritated.

If it gets too hot, the baby will start sweating. This may however be extremely annoying. The child will stay irritated the entire day. So, the best thing to do is to keep them cool. When summer is here you need to ensure that your child gets special attention.

Why pay attention to children during summer?

If you have a newborn baby at home, they require more attention than anything else, irrespective of the season. However, the best thing to do is to care for them mostly during summer.

  • Uncomfortable

Summer can be pretty uncomfortable. Newborn babies need a cool environment. For a country like India, summer can be pretty inconvenient. Therefore, providing extra care and coolness to them can be pretty helpful.

  • They can’t cool their bodies

The body of babies isn’t as advanced as adults. Therefore, they do not get the ability to cool their bodies. Babies won’t ever be able to tell you about overheating. Parents should take breaks every fifteen to thirty minutes so that they can work on cooling their babies.

  • Rashes

Summer can be very uncomfortable for kids. Overheating can lead to rashes. Prolonged periods can be extremely annoying even when you are catering to the local heat index. Rashes refer to the response of the baby towards heat.

Symptoms of overheating in children

During summer, your child will be prone to the risk of overheating. You should use your common sense to understand if the baby is overheating or not. The best way to understand if the child is overheating is to touch their skin, feel the warmth or watch their face for any signs of redness.

It is extremely necessary that you pay special attention to the signs of overheating. Many people can confuse the symptoms of overheating to be the same as dehydration or fever. If your child does not sweat too much, you must check for overheating. Sometimes you may not even know that your child is overheating.

Some of the key ways to understand whether the child is overheating or not, include the following:

  • Redness on face
  • Feels hot
  • Restless and fussy
  • Faster heart rate
  • Damp hair
  • Confused and weak
  • Nauseous
  • Constant vomiting

How to keep a baby cool in summer?

Since summers can be overwhelming and annoying, your child is likely to cry the entire day. Therefore, as soon as you notice the temperature exceeding, you must consider trying out tips to keep your baby cool. Here are some of the prominent ways that can be extra helpful:

  • Get them under the shade

The key to keeping your baby cool is to keep them under shade always. Whenever you are taking your child outside, you must make it a point to wrap them in a blanket or stroller. You might as well keep them under a tree so that you can receive extra benefits. When you keep them under the shade, you protect them from the harsh rays of the sun.

  • Keep them hydrated

The key to keeping your child cool is to keep them hydrated. If they are less than 6 months, you should feed them milk at regular intervals. However, you should ensure that before you provide them with water, you should wait till they are 6 months old.

Older babies and toddlers can drink water but infants cannot. It is often advisable that the parents keep their children hydrated. When your babies are playing outdoors, you must ensure to keep them hydrated.

  • Dress the baby cool

It is all about how you dress the baby that determines if they are going to be fine or not. Woollen and heavy clothes are best suited for winter. However, when it is summer, you need to ensure that you keep the baby cool.

  • Use comfortable diapers and wipes

Make sure that you are using comfortable diapers with superior absorption for your baby.  You can try Mamy Poko Pants Extra Absorb which has +50% widespread absorption area that absorbs urine quickly and repeatedly. Also, bathing your baby multiple times a day after you change their diapers isn’t possible. Hence, you can also try cleaning your baby with Mamy Poko’s Rich in Moisture wipes which will gently wash your baby with no fear of redness or rashes.

While you may think that not making them wear anything will keep them cool, it will not. When it’s summer, your child is at the risk of developing rashes. Therefore, it is advisable to wrap them at least in a single piece of cloth.

Make sure to use breathable fabric so that the child can get benefits. Cotton rompers and onesies can be of great help. During summer, you should get fabrics such as linen and cotton. It is advisable to avoid polyester and nylon. It is necessary to dress the infants as per the environment. You should not add additional layers as it will make them feel uncomfortable.

  • Keep a check for sunburns

You should keep a check on sunburns. If you are stepping out, you should consider making your child wear full pants and full sleeves. A brimmed hat can also be of great help. It will offer extra protection to your child from direct exposure to the sun.

  • Keep them indoors

Until and unless it is extremely urgent, you should prefer to stay indoors. Overheating can lead to your child developing rashes. Prickly heat can also have a negative impact. Extra sweating can lead to the baby’s sweat glands being clogged.

You should consider staying away from the heat as much as possible. If you are going outside, and it’s not urgent, don’t take your baby along with you. During summer, you should consider keeping your baby indoors as much as possible.

Furthermore, your child will be prone to rashes and prickly heat because of the baby carrier sling. Therefore, you must keep those away as much as possible. These things can lead to your child becoming very hot and sweaty and developing rashes.

  • Never leave them unattended

You should never keep your child unattended. Not only is it unsafe but it is also a significant risk during Summers. Heat buildup can be harmful.

When you keep your children inside the vehicle, it can become tough for them. Overheating can lead to stroke in children. Even though it doesn’t sound that dangerous, you should avoid it.

  • Schedule extra rest time

You should ensure that your child gets some extra rest time. Overheating can be very annoying and uncomfortable for the children. If you allow the children to take a comfortable nap, things can become easier.

What is the ideal temperature for an infant?

The ideal temperature for a child is 36.4°C. However, it is necessary to note that the temperature of a child will vary depending on various factors. These include:

  • Their clothes
  • Time of the day
  • The process of taking their temperature

The bodies of babies function in a very different manner than adults. Since their bodies can’t regulate the temperature, they will have a tough time cooling their body. As soon as you notice the body temperature of the baby going over 37°C, you should know that it’s a sign of fever. Fever in kids can be pretty concerning.


It is necessary to note that overheating and fever are two different things. However, these can lead to a significant rise in body temperature. You must reach out to a professional if your child is sick. Find the best ways to keep your baby cool in summer by using the right clothes, comfortable diapers and a lot of fluids.

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