Understanding Colic

Colic or abdominal pain happening in newborns is quite a common occurrence and seen in most of the babies.


The myths surrounding it is that if mother eats anything which is heavy can result into colic. In my perspective, mother’s food consumption has no correlation to colic.

Why does it happen?

We don’t know the exact reason of colic but we attribute it to movement of intestines happening to digest the milk which is a normal phenomenon.


The symptoms of colic can be:

  • excessive wriggling,
  • face getting red intermittently,
  • legs getting raised to tummy
  • moaning

One should not rely absolutely on crying of child to diagnose colic.


The home remedies which can be recommended are:

  • Putting hot water bottle wrapped in clothes
  • One can apply heeng water over tummy

If symptoms are not getting better, it is advisable to see a paediatrician for further management.

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