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Tips to Keep your Baby Warm on Chilling Winter Nights

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | January 20, 2023


Winter has officially arrived, and everyone wants to be locked inside their homes. Everyone, even babies and preschoolers, requires fresh air. However, it is difficult to find a middle ground between keeping the infant warm in harsh winters and over-layering them. As a mother, you need to pay attention to these effective techniques to ensure that your infant stays warm and nourished over the winter.

Babies have a weaker immune system and can fall sick easily in winter. You can swear by age-old grandma’s remedies but there are other things that need to be taken care of. All new mamas encounter one prevalent issue: keeping their children comfy and snug during the harsh winter. In the winter, mainly when it’s chilly outdoors, it’s harder for newborns to maintain their core temperature, making them more susceptible to cough, flu and cold.

As a result, it’s critical that you understand how you can assist your infant in maintaining a constant body temperature, especially at night since temperature drops at nighttime. Continue reading to learn what you can do as a new mother to protect your baby from harsh winters and keep them warm and comfortable throughout the cold winter season.

Making sure your baby is comfortable while being outdoors

  • Because newborns lose a significant amount of heat via their heads and hands during winter, it is critical to obtain a baby hat and lightweight mitts to offer your little one an added layer of warmth. If your kid is a natural thumb sucker, have an additional set of gloves. You may also keep their feet warm with a pair of soft socks.
  • Always clothe your kid in thin bottom layers to maintain the temperature in between. Begin with a onesie made of cotton, then layer on a long-sleeved shirt and warm leggings. You may even cover them with a winter coat if it is particularly chilly outside.
  • Make sure the first layer is always made of soft, breathable fabric; otherwise, the baby might experience discomfort and develop rashes.
  • You can also indulge in some ‘kangaroo care’ for your precious ones, particularly for newborns, while staying outside for a more extended period. It is basically a pediatrician-approved therapy in which the baby is carefully placed on their parents’ skin, which is sufficient to keep them warm and snug when they are sleeping.

Keeping the baby safe while they are enjoying their time outside for long

  • Indoors can get boring for you and for your little one sometimes. The baby can be taken out during the night after it has been approved by your doctor. But you cannot let your guard down just because it is warmer outside on some nights.
  • Many nights during the wintertime are chilly, making it risky to take the newborn outside. Keep an eye out for below-freezing temperatures. It is safe to stay indoors with your baby at this time. You can leave the house if the weather is warm enough.
  • Make sure your bundle of joy is covered head to toe but is not feeling suffocated. Layering is your best friend here.

Winter strolls are made enjoyable and cozy.

  • Dress your small one so you may modify the layers of clothing to meet his demands. The lowest layers, such as cotton onesies, shirts, and leggings, should be tight, followed by a warm sweater or jacket, hat, and mittens. You can bring blankets or fleeces with you for extra warmth.
  • It is essential to know how to keep your little one warm and toasty while they are outside in a baby carrier, ready for their winter walks.
  • You must exercise extreme caution when transporting your infant in a stroller since an overload of a duvet might obstruct ventilation to the baby within the stroller. Otherwise, Do not worry; we have an excellent tip for you. You can dress your kid in a jacket, mittens, and a soft cap with booties and stroll in the wind’s direction in order to avoid being hit by the chilly winds.
  • Sometimes, new mamas put an additional jacket layer on their tiny ones when they take their babies out. If you are doing that, make sure to remove the layer when you see the baby struggling with the clothes. A lot of layers can make the baby uneasy and cranky.
  • Also, talk to the baby while taking strolls. Change your pace or direction if you see the discomfort in the baby’s mannerisms. Babies always try to communicate; we need to listen more carefully.

Keeping the winter dryness at bay

  • The chill in the winter air makes the baby’s skin dry and flaky. The baby must be kept covered and thoroughly moisturized. We have some great tips for first-time moms on keeping the winter dryness away from their precious ones.
  • Babies need regular baths, but do you know that too much exposure to water can strip the baby’s skin of essential moisture? Yes, that is correct. A lot of moms confuse hygiene with safety. They think that if the baby is not given a bath daily, they might get rashes and infections.
  • During winter, your baby does not need daily baths. If you need to give them a bath, make sure the water is lukewarm and never hot. Also, do not keep the baby in the bathtub for long. A quick soak is enough during winter.
  • Some babies are hypoallergenic to baby soaps. Make sure you do a patch test before using soap or shampoo for the baby.
  • Always consult with your doctor before using any new products on your baby.
  • In Indian families, you must be following the good-old tradition of using herbal oils to massage the baby. This is an excellent practice. Regular massages make the baby’s bones stronger and increase immunity power.
  • If you are a first-time mom and do not know the proper technique to give a massage to your little one, ask your elders. They know the right way to do it.
  • After the bath time is over, apply doctor-approved baby lotion all over your baby’s body. Apply one extra layer on the face, neck, and hands as added protection from the harsh winter winds.

Final Thoughts

Winters can be a little difficult for moms and babies. The nights are more trying since the temperature drops significantly. It does not have to be. You can actually turn it into a fun time for both parents and babies when you take appropriate caution. Follow these tips to keep your baby warm and cosy all winter. Apart from warm clothes, make sure you keep your baby happy by using Diaper Pants. They fit the baby snugly and keep all the wetness inside, keeping the baby smiling even on cold winter nights. You can use the Mamy Poko Pants baby wipes when you want to give your baby a quick clean-up instead of a bath on exceptionally cold days. They will leave the baby’s skin clean, refreshed and smelling good. With Mamy Poko Pants as your faithful companion, keeping your baby warm and comfortable during the cold winters won’t be a daunting task after all.

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