Say hello to winters with these 7 tips!

The season of hot cocoa and soft blankets is upon us – and this means plenty of cuddle times too! But how about the newest member in your family? While enjoyable and pleasant, winters can pose minor problems for the little ones but with the right precautions and care, they can be made winter ready in no time! Dry skin, common cold and flu, blocked nose and loss of moisture are some of the common issues that can make your baby’s first winter less-than-perfect. However, these are common problems and with some home remedies and safe products can easily help prevent or reverse these. So let’s take a look at 7 tips that can help make your baby winter-ready in an instance:

Winter Appropriate Clothing:

Well, it’s no surprise that the first thing on the list is getting winter wear for your little one. If you’re confused about how many layers to opt for – remember this simple rule. Babies can get colder than us, so opt for 1-2 extra layers than what you would choose for yourself. If you’re indoors, one extra layer would suffice and if you’re outdoors and it’s windy/extra cold, two layers should do the job. Always check if they are still cold or shivering or if they start to sweat – these are sure signs of when to add or remove layers. Also remember to choose allergen-free, soft and breathable winter clothes for your baby.

Lock In The Moisture:

Loss of moisture can lead to dry skin, itchiness, flakiness and even red skin in babies. So it’s important to reduce moisture loss in winters. In winters, you can reduce bath time or even skip a day in between as babies don’t need so many baths. You can also skip the bedtime bath and opt for one morning clean-up only. Use lukewarm water as hot water can significantly dry out the skin. Also, choose a baby-safe oil for pre-bath massage and use a baby friendly moisturizer for post bath massage time. If you still see flaky or irritated skin, try moisturizing more than once or consult your doctor.

Use A Humidifier:

Winters can get colder in some places and heaters may be needed. In these circumstances, the baby’s room becomes drier and as a result also their skin. Using a humidifier will help balance the moisture in the room and keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. Humidifiers are also perfect for preventing the blocked nose and nose bleeds, caused by extreme temperatures.

Check For Vaccinations:

During any season change, especially winters, babies and adults alike are more prone to cold and cough. Consult your doctor on flu shots and ensure that your baby gets all the prescribed vaccinations during this time. Vaccinations help build the baby’s immunity and can keep away common flu and cold.

Maintain A Proper Diet:

If you’re breastfeeding your baby, continue doing so as breast milk helps improve immunity in babies apart from helping their overall development. Breastfeeding is also a great bonding exercise and keeping your baby so close to you can also keep them warm. If your baby is already on solids, make sure to include plenty of vegetables and soups in their everyday food. You can also garlic in small quantities as it helps them stay warm while keeping cold and flu at bay.

Use Light and Soft Fabrics:

As you layer up the cot or cover the baby, make sure that you’re using light and soft fabrics that can be easily removed. Don’t use heavy blankets that restrict the baby’s movement. Consider swaddling for added warmth. If you’re going out, consider covering the baby’s stroller with a plastic cover instead of covering the baby, to permit air circulation.

Use the Right Products:

As a new parent, you may be tempted to get all the fancy winter products to protect your little one. However, it’s important to use only trustworthy products for your baby’s skin. Baby’s skin products should always be fragrance-free, allergen-free and appropriate for delicate skin. As babies drool, their lips can also get dry in winter. Ensure to get the most reliable sunscreen, moisturizer, massage oil, lip balm and other essential winter products for the baby. Also, ensure that you use soft and breathable diapers like MamyPoko Newborn Diapers and alcohol-free wipes like MamyPoko Wipes with Green Tea Essence to keep the baby’s skin rash-free and comfortable!

Use these tips to help your baby say hello to winter!

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