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Rotavirus Vaccine

Alternative Text By: Dr. Rajiv Chhabra | May 27, 2019

As the name suggests, Rotavirus vaccine protects against Rotavirus which is one the most common viral diarrhea in kids less than 2 years’ age group.


It can cause severe diarrhoea, vomiting, fever stomach-ache and dehydration. It has no significant correlation to hygiene status, hence, all the kids are equally susceptible.

How does it spread?

It spreads by feco-oral route which means it gets excreted in stools of infected children and spreads through soiled hands and objects.

There are 4 types of vaccines-

  • Rotarix
  • Rotateq
  • Rotasure
  • Rotasiil

Rotarix is given in 2 doses while all others are given in 3 doses before the age of 6 months. The 1st dose cannot be given post 104 days’ age and the last dose cannot be given post 8 completed months.

Let’s ensure that our kids are immunised against Rotavirus by keeping the immunisation schedule sacrosanct.

This content has been certified by our panelist Dr. Rajiv Chhabra

Dr. Rajiv Chhabra

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