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How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Skin During Summers?

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | April 20, 2022

The haunting summers have arrived, with their soaring temperature, making your baby uncomfortable and irritable. Your little munchkins can suffer from sweating, heat rash, damp hair, and flushed cheeks. It might be the first summer for a little one, and it is quite difficult for you to make your baby comfortable on hot summer days. So, what is your plan? Are you aware of some ways to take care of your baby during harsh summers? We know you will do your best to protect your little one! But do not worry, Mamy Poko Pants is there to support all the parents! We know parenthood is the best part of life! That’s why we are here to help you out with how to make your baby’s summer the most comfortable and relaxing season of the year.

We believe your little one’s summer should be enjoyable and relaxing so that you can also be happy when your baby is comfortable and relaxed. Here are some ways given below that will help new parents take care of their baby’s skin during summers.

  • Bathing as a regular exercise:

Your baby may sweat during sunny weather. So, you must make bathing a regular exercise at least twice a day or more if your baby loves having a bath. It will keep them comfortable for days and nights and make them sleep with happiness. But you must make sure that the water should be lukewarm; it is good for the baby’s skin. Avoid cold water. You must check the water temperature before taking your baby for bathing. You must pay special attention to washing the baby’s armpits, neck, and folds in your little one’s skin. After that, pat your little one dry well. You can also give them a sponge bath during the evening time. You can use MamyPoko extra clean wipes to wash your baby’s sensitive skin. It will keep your baby hydrated.

  • Cotton Wear:

You must ensure that your little one wears cotton clothes, as cotton clothes are breathable. Your baby will feel relaxed in light-weight cotton dresses. You must avoid synthetic clothes, as they will increase rashes on your baby’s skin and irritate your baby. Your little’s ones’ skin is very sensitive, and only cotton clothes can give them relaxation. Baby will love to sleep in cool cotton clothes.

  • Dehydration:

Dehydration is not suitable for a baby’s health. You must ensure that your baby has fluids at regular intervals. Even though your little one is not sweating, you must also give them fluids. Restlessness, warm skin, rapid breathing, and a flushed face show that your baby is getting dehydrated. Babies who are below six months must not be given water, and they should be nursed at regular intervals. If you are breastfeeding your little one, you must ask your doctors and increase the feeding frequency so that your baby gets fluid on time. However, if your little one is taking formula feed, give your baby food from time to time and even make them drink water regularly after consulting with your doctor. You can give the toddlers fresh fruit juice and water to keep them hydrated. If the temperature rises more, consult your doctor regarding ORS drinks for your baby.

  • Watch out for Sunburns:

If you are stepping out during the daytime, make sure to cover your baby and make them wear full sleeves and full pants that are too off cotton. Make your little one wear a wide-brimmed sunhat, and it will protect your baby from direct sun rays. Avoid taking your baby out on sunny days if it is not compulsory. But in case it is important to step out in the mornings and noon, you must keep the baby shielded with a stroller cover from the scorching heat. You must use a non-greasy, baby-safe sunscreen with the most suitable SPF. Apart from that, walk in the open areas, where there are trees so that your baby gets fresh air.

  • Stay Indoors: 

Want to avoid prickly heat or heat rashes on your baby? It is advisable to keep your baby indoors away from the heat. You must avoid carrying your little one on a baby carrier or sling for a long time, as it can make your babies sweaty and very hot. Babies love to relax indoors, as their skin is too sensitive to face the scorching sun heat. When the temperature is high, your baby would prefer to relax indoors.

  • Use a comfortable and absorbent diaper: 

Many parents believe diapers are not good during summers! But it is not correct. Wet nappies and regular changing can affect your baby’s health, leading to flu or cold, and disturbing their nap time. Thus, it is smart to go for an absorbent and comfortable diaper like ManyPoko Pants, which can easily soak up the urine and keep your baby dry and comfortable. The best part of the diaper is it is gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin, causes no rashes, and prevents the baby from moisture loss and cold. Mamypoko wipes are non-alcoholic, manufactured with natural ingredients, which are good for your baby’s skin. So you can use them to clean your baby’s sensitive skin.

  • Keep the baby’s room temperature right:

We understand it is too hot, and it is amazing to cool down the baby’s room during hot weather, but what may be cool for you doesn’t suit your baby’s body; they may fall ill. So ensure that the room temperature is as per your baby’s health. Keep checking your baby and find out they are feeling cold or hot. Even during nights, use light covers that are good for ventilation rather than tucking your baby in a baby wrap.

  • Ensure proper ventilation indoors and outdoors:

Good ventilation is the right formula to keep your baby secure from heatwaves. While taking your baby out for the walk, ensure that you must take them in a summer-equipped baby carrier. If you are using a stroller cover, you must check it should be of mesh or good quality material that allows fresh air to enter the baby carrier. While staying indoors, you must check the ventilation of your room. Use a mesh on the room windows, so that breeze can enter the room and bugs remain out.

Final Wrap

We know summers are too irritating for the little ones! We can understand parents’ pain, as no one can bear to see their baby crying, getting affected by heat waves and rashes. That’s why MamyPoko Pants are there to be the support pillar for all the parents. Yes, to keep your baby hydrated is a must, so you must switch to a diaper that is soft,light-weight, and gives the comfort to your baby that your baby deserves. MamyPoko Pants are the kids best buddy and assure that your baby enjoys the whole day. Even as a parent, you will enjoy it when your baby is happy in a safe and secure diaper and as per the baby’s skin.

Help your baby have a cool summer by applying these tips. A cool baby is a happy baby.

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