How to make your own DIY Baby Tracker
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How to make your own DIY Baby Tracker

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | December 23, 2022

With babies, time flies. One moment they struggle to sit on their own, and the next, they are off to play with their friends. Keeping track of your little one’s growth can be difficult with the hectic lifestyle and added responsibilities. The first couple of months with an infant are the toughest. You are recovering while taking care of the baby. Getting a few hours of sleep is a task, let alone tracking the baby’s different functions. Thankfully, specific tools can make the journey smoother. One such thing is a baby tracker.

It is a daily log of your baby’s needs and habits, including but not limited to sleep patterns, appetite, moods, and such. There are several ways you can log in and access all this information without any hassle. You can either make your baby tracker or install an app. You get to pick the option you like. You may want to note down everything, or you may like to take advantage of technology to track your little one’s progress.

Recording every small milestone of your baby can create a ready reckoner that will help you handle your baby’s needs better. You will know exactly when the pattern changes and address the issue with the pediatrician. This will provide a headstart if the baby develops a health issue for some reason or another or even if it is just to monitor the normal growth pattern of the baby.

Some of the many things you, as a new mother would worry about after bringing the baby home from the hospital are mentioned below:

How long has it been since the baby was fed?

Is the baby sleeping well?

What if the baby is sleeping more than necessary, and if yes, how can I control it?

What is her diaper schedule?

Is it possible that I am over- or under-feeding her?

When was the last time the baby peed?

When was the last time I took a nap?

Am I stressing too much because it will affect the milk supply?

Can I do this? Am I producing enough milk for my baby?

If this looks relatable, Congratulations! You are not alone. Every new mom feels that way. It is natural to lose track of sleep and feeding time. Therefore it is essential to keep a baby tracker handy.

How Baby Tracker helps keep track of your baby’s growth

Keeping Track of Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Sleep is crucial for a newborn. The brain and specific organs are not developed in infancy, and most of the development occurs when the baby is sleeping. The baby needs the most sleep during this stage. When the baby does not get enough sleep, it can get cranky and lose its appetite for milk. Tracking the baby’s sleeping pattern will make your job easier. When you follow your precious one’s sleep patterns, it will be easier to identify the reason behind their crying and moods.

Keeping Track of the Baby’s Medical Schedule

A baby’s development is significant during the first couple of months after birth. The first couple of months is reflex periods. Due to the increasing number of medical visits and drugs prescribed for the infant, this period is also crucial. Because babies are sensitive to changes, it’s vital to keep track of the medicines the little one takes as they age. As a new mom, it can be challenging to remember all the names and durations, but Baby Tracker makes it simple.

Using the drugs column in the baby tracker, you can keep track of all medications given to your child, whether they were prescribed or not, the dosage etc.

Keeping Track of Baby’s Diaper Changes

Sometimes, keeping track of your baby’s diaper changes can feel daunting, especially when you are exhausted from all the responsibilities. You may have just changed the diaper but forgot about it and started to change it again. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could log in or write down when was the last time you changed the diaper so that you could be reminded of it every few hours? Making your baby tracker or downloading one from the internet serves the same purpose.

Keeping Track of Baby’s Feeding Pattern

Maintaining a record of your newborn’s feeding patterns enables you to develop a schedule that meets their demands. This feeding schedule may assist a pediatrician in determining why your little one isn’t gaining weight like she was supposed to after reaching a certain age.

You can keep track of your baby’s care by noting it in the nutrition column and recording your baby’s feeding schedule. You can then work on adjusting the feeding pattern and see what more you should consume to take care of your health.

Maintaining a nutrition record can assist you in managing your food consumption and that of your newborn without worrying about skipping meals, even if you’re a new mother.

Keeping Track of the Mother’s Milk Supply

The baby tracker’s job does not end with just monitoring the baby’s growth; it can also help you with your tasks. You can keep track of your milk supply and then consult with your doctor if you feel like you are falling short.

A healthy mother makes a happy baby and vice versa.

Make your DIY Baby Tracker – Easier than you Think

Now that you are excited to try a baby tracker, it is time to make one yourself. You can either download a printable version from the internet, download the app or create your own.

If you are one of those DIY moms, then making a baby tracker would be a fun activity for you.

Get a chart paper and make as many columns as you would like. Each column would represent a part of the routine. For instance, you can find columns for baby sleep patterns, diaper changes, medications, feeding time, moods, appetite, etc.

You can make a couple of columns for yourself as well. This can include your sleep pattern, medications, milk supply, and so on.

You can customize the chart as you like. You can have a different colour scheme for every column or different fonts.

You can also carry this baby tracker wherever you go and jot down any changes you observe.

This will help with your pediatrician’s appointment as you can communicate with the doctor better about your baby’s needs.

Final thoughts

Raising a baby is one of this planet’s most challenging yet rewarding tasks. While it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of things, taking it easy and taking it one day at a time is essential. Be open to all the help you are given.

Reach out to other moms and learn from their experiences. Keep track of your baby’s growth and patterns by creating a DIY baby tracker. It will make your life easier. Trust us for we have been handling babies for decades.

You go ahead and cherish your time with your baby while the baby tracker will help you keep track of your little one’s development, schedules and milestones. For keeping your baby fresh and happy, you have Mamy Poko Pants to fall back on as your faithful companion in bringing up your child.

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