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5 Ways to Swaddle Your Baby in Summer

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | June 29, 2022

A study has discovered that swaddled babies sleep sounder and wake less often. Keep your baby safe this summer and dress them according to the temperature they’re sleeping in. New moms and dads may be shocked to discover that many of their baby’s clothing sets aren’t cut out for warm weather, yet a baby’s room should be kept between 16-20°C.

The weather outside is warm, and babies cannot control their body heat, so they could end up overheating and putting themselves at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). To keep your baby safe, make sure you dress them appropriately according to whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

Swaddling your baby helps to keep them warm. It also makes them more secure and comfy, which means they should sleep better. However, babies can get too warm when swaddled during the summer months. We will discuss the facts you can remember while swaddling your baby during summer and then 5 techniques you can choose to swaddle them.

Introduction to Swaddling During Summer

The home is the centre of most people’s lives. It can become uncomfortable when you don’t keep it well maintained in the summer, especially if small children live inside. If your babies come in and out of the house, remember to leave some space for ventilation or use a fan to cool down the place before you let them play outside comfortably.

You may also want to occasionally draw curtains and tilt blinds during the day and utilize a minimal number of lights – all ways in which you can combat sweet, sticky heat. After all, it’s essential during that scorching period of the year not to let temperatures get too hot to retain your baby’s comfort!

Babies cannot regulate their body temperatures, so you must monitor various factors closely to ensure that your child is comfortable and safe. This is why you need to check a variety of factors when babysitting your child continuously. These factors include:

  1. Your baby’s standard body temperature range
  2. The environment’s temperature around the baby
  3. How many layers of cloth or wrap your baby is wearing
  4. The material of the fabric

If you are prudent, you will keep these in mind. These factors will change from season to season. As a result, you will be able to keep your baby safe during the hottest months without causing them any discomfort.

The right age to swaddle your baby

Parents can generally swaddle their infants between the first three to five months. It is the best time since, during this time, their baby has a clear memory of being in the womb, and their environment seems to be different.

It is best to stop this practice when you notice that your baby has learnt to roll over independently. It becomes a risk to let them roll on their tummy because they cannot roll over onto their backs, leading to SIDs.

The Right Material to Swaddle Your Baby

Not every blanket is the same. Consider when you’re swaddling your child during the summer months. Use a light blanket made of cotton that provides comfortable temperature regulation and breathability. If you live in an area where the weather can change quickly, choose muslin. Otherwise, synthetic fibers aren’t advised since they make babies sweaty and tend to get rashes rapidly.

The temperature of the environment

Babies can’t sweat, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to overheating in the summer. When monitoring the temperature of your baby’s room, always remember that babies are often swaddled when asleep, which means it can be difficult for them to cool down. Using a fan during the day is a great way to keep babies from getting too hot once they have woken up from naptime. Make sure to store it safely away once your baby becomes mobile.

Here are a few of the techniques parents can follow

The Hands Up Swaddle

When you’re putting your baby to bed, it’s best to keep their arms in a natural position and not forcefully stretch out the arms before they are ready.

  1. Place the muslin on a flat surface and take one corner and fold down the length of your baby’s body from their neck to bum. You will get a triangle.
  2. Tuck the baby’s left hand under the fold, then wrap it from side to side across their body and tuck it underneath.
  3. Fold up the bottom and tuck just the tip into the top. Make sure there is space to move their legs.
  4. Tuck, the baby’s right hand in the same way. You should see a V shape under their chin.
  5. Wrap the right side underneath and tuck the end of the corner into the front.

The Burrito Wrap

It is one of the easiest methods for the summer. Make sure the blanket is square and large.

  1. Place the blanket and fold one corner down around 4 inches giving you a diamond shape.
  2. Place the baby on its back with the top line of the diamond above its neck.
  3. Tuck their hand underneath the fold of the blanket or muslin, so they are by their face.
  4. Take the right portion across their body and tuck it underneath their left side.
  5. Fold the bottom tail upwards and tuck it into the right side of the fold.
  6. Pull the left side, wrap it across their body, and tuck underneath on the right.

The simple swaddle

  1. Place your baby on a large square muslin and fold one corner around a hand length downward.
  2. Put its left arm down by its side, take the left side across the baby’s body, and tuck.
  3. Repeat on the right.
  4. Fold the bottom upwards and tuck it side to side.

The sleeping bag

Use a sleeping bag for your baby by a trusted brand to let them breathe during the summer while also keeping them safe. You can find them online or in the shop. Parents can buy fabrics with linings because baby sleeping bags are a great alternative to blankets!

Baby sleeping bags are great for parents who don’t know what they should be doing with swaddle blankets. There are many options for infants during the summer.

The Wrap Around

It is a bit involved technique, but it is also secure. One can master it quickly with a little practice.

  1. Wrap the blanket around the baby and make sure their arms are tucked by their side.
  2. Take the edge and wrap around the front and over their shoulders, and back around their front again.
  3. Repeat on the other side.
  4. Finally, tuck the edges under their back and around the sides.


Though some parents find the technique of swaddling a bit difficult and dangerous, it is one of the safest positions for a newborn baby. It creates an environment for them they are familiar with. Since it is similar to when they were in the womb, the position comforts them.

According to scientists and doctors, swaddling has a calming effect on infants. It is highly effective since they can quickly become calm and fall asleep if done correctly and with the right materials. All parents want to give their newborn baby the best of the best.

We recommend using diapers from Mamy Poko Pants. They provide some of the best products for your baby. They will keep your baby dry while you swaddle them. This will help them have a good night’s sleep. Therefore, try swaddling your baby during summers with our techniques, and see them smile.

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