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5 Items for Parents to Refill the Medicine Cabinet before Winter

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | November 18, 2022

Listen up, parents! Winter is here. While it relieves the scorching heat of Indian summers, it also comes with its caveats. Babies need special care during this season.

You will clear out the wool closet and prepare for the upcoming season shortly. But is it all you should be considering when you have babies? No, right?

Winters present a fresh set of worries, particularly the cold, so covering your precious one in warm gear is insufficient. Additionally, you must be equipped to treat most mild ailments at home. This blog includes a list of necessary products to prepare you for the winter season’s health concerns. Keep reading for some great tips that might come in handy.

If you’re lucky, your residence is close to a 24-hour pharmacy that you can either drive to or walk to. The last thing for any parent when their kid is ill or injured, even with these modern comforts, is to go out at night in India to get medicine for their little one.

What helps is an adequately stocked baby medication cupboard which is a superior option. Possessing those necessities, such as a baby thermometer, painkillers, and first aid kits can help ease your mind during a particularly stressful situation. It is a smart thing to stay prepared in advance.

5 Items to keep in baby’s medicine cabinet this winter season

As a parent, you must always be on your toes. A minute of carelessness on your part can prove worrisome. There is no need to worry as we have created a list of items you need to stock this winter, from medicines to Grandma’s tips. The list has everything you need to know about surviving Indian winters when you have a baby on board. Have a look!

1. Medicines

Babies are highly vulnerable to the changing weather. In winter, they need extra love and care. As you already know, in India, the pollution rate is increasing daily, making it extra hard for babies to cope with the environment. Therefore, you should always have a separate medicine cabinet for your little one.

Whether it’s a fever, cold, cough, body ache, or allergies, it’s always a good idea to offer some relief at the earliest indication of any illness to stop it from getting worse. But keep in mind that babies are not to be given over-the-counter medications. As soon as you see any symptoms or discomfort in your baby, get in touch with a pediatrician.

You must consult your doctor and take the suggested medications to avoid potential health concerns.

For instance, everyone is aware of the standard medication that is generally recommended for babies in the case of seasonal flu or viral. Although these medicines are available over the counter, we suggest you talk to a doctor first. Some babies are allergic to certain medicines and antibiotics. Your baby’s pediatrician will consider this factor and, therefore, will only advise you on the medicines suitable for your little one.

2. Nebulisers and humidifiers

Have you seen the sky the day after Diwali? It is so dark that you can hardly see the sun the next day. This is because of all the pollution caused by the firecrackers. As it is, the air quality in India is a serious concern. The AQI keeps on increasing, posing various health concerns. Babies suffer a lot more than adults because their immunity is still not fully developed.

While every parent wishes for clean air for their loved one deep down, we know this is not possible.

You can make some adjustments to keep your baby safe from external harming factors. Some babies need a certain amount of humidity to breathe correctly, especially during winter. When the moisture in the air needs to be raised, a vaporizer/humidifier can be useful. When the chilly winter hits, you can use a steam vaporizer, in particular, to clear any blockages and offer respite.

Nebulizers are employed to inhale medication into the lungs. There is a caveat here; you should only purchase them after your pediatrician has prescribed them. A nebulizer kit is typically required for children with respiratory infections and persistent respiratory conditions, including asthma and cystic fibrosis.

3. Pouches of Ajwain (ajowan caraway) and Garlic

This is one of the most potent home remedies of all. You may remember your grandma giving you ajwain and garlic whenever you complained about cold and indigestion. Right? There is a reason behind that. These herbs not only have antiviral and anti-bacterial properties but also build up the immunity and digestion power of your little one.

Before reaching for medicines, these natural herbs should be your first line of attack when the baby catches a cold or shows symptoms of seasonal flu. They do not have any side effects. Our grandmothers were aware of the benefits of Indian herbs and potions.

If you do not know whom to ask about the concoction recipe, then keep on reading because we have your back.

One of the greatest herbal treatments for children’s colds is this concoction. First, you need to dry roast two garlic cloves along with 1 scoop of ajwain in an iron frying pan or wok. Once they have cooled down, carefully place them in a cloth (preferably muslin) and secure them with a knot. For the scent to comfort the little one, keep this pouch safely away from the crib (not inside the crib or beneath the mattress). The pouch should aid in unblocking the nose and relieve any chest congestion they may be experiencing. You can achieve the same result by gently rubbing the baby’s feet with the pouch.

4. Multivitamins

Vitamins and minerals are the building blocks of life. Babies need the proper amount of these to grow into healthy humans. The primary source of these vitamins should always be the food your bundle of joy consumes. Try to include home-cooked nutritious food and do not rely on market products. A lot of them are induced with harmful chemicals and preservatives.

However, if your baby is a fussy eater and whines during mealtimes, you must ensure he gets proper nutrition from other sources. Most babies do not like the taste of vegetables and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Green vegetables have a lot of nutrients; avoiding them would create deficiencies. This is when you need to consult with the pediatrician about possible alternatives. Nowadays, multivitamins come in candy-flavoured gummies, which are easy to chew and digest.

5. Inhalers

This one is essential for babies with asthma. Always stock up on them, and do not wait for emergencies to buy extra. Winter is a crucial time to use inhalers since the dry, chilly air can strain the airways quickly and exacerbate the condition. When your child needs it, you may give him/her a fast dose of relief using an inhaler. This will not hamper his/her daily routine and provide him/ her with a normal life.

Final thoughts

It takes a village to raise a single child. Mamy Poko Pants could not agree more. This is why we are here to help you with everything we can. Stock up on these items and enjoy the winter season with your precious one.

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