Baby care: 4 fun activities for autumn to do with your little one
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4 activities you can do with your little ones this autumn
Baby Care

4 Fun Activities for Autumn to do with your Little One

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | October 17, 2022

Kids are bundles of energy and keeping them busy will need some thought. Running out of ways to spend time with your little one this autumn? Do not worry; we are here to help.

There are several things you can do during autumn that can channel their energy and keep them happy. Check out our top 4 activities you can do with your little ones this autumn. Give every single one a try.

4 fun activities that will keep your little ones busy this autumn

1. Have fun with leaves

The sun is less harsh during autumn, so your little one can spend time outdoors. It is the perfect time to show them how nature switches colour palettes, from lush greens to deeper shades of orange and browns. Next time, your little one gestures to go outside, accompany him/her on the pile of leaves. There is no fun in sitting on the bench while every kid in the park is busy crunching, scrunching, throwing, collecting, and rolling in the pile of leaves.

Make a fun activity by picking leaves in the park and throwing them in the dustbin. Your little one will not only have fun running from one dustbin to another but also learn the importance of cleanliness.

2. Craft time

Bring home nature and have fun using it for artwork. Sounds confusing? Allow us to explain. Next time, you see an autumn leaf lying on the ground. Pick it up and bring it home with you.

Bring out a box of poster or acrylic colours and ask your little ones if they are interested in painting these leaves in different colours and putting them in their art book.

Tip- This is when your little ones will use their imagination to the fullest. All you need to do is be curious and encouraging.

3. Go camping

Camping is an adventurous activity, and who does not love it? It is also a great way to bond with your little one with nature in the backdrop. The autumn weather is perfect for spending time outdoors. Plan a camping trip with your family during the weekend. If you have excited toddlers, ask them to bring their favourite toy to the journey.

Book a campsite in advance since camping sites tend to get busier on the weekends. Ask the staff what facilities they have for little kids. Plan accordingly.

Pack your kid’s favourite book and snack. Bring them on a tour and tell them about the various plants and animals you witness there. At nighttime, you narrate their favourite stories to them while the bonfire is still warm and glowing in the dark. Try to stay in the moment and be engaged. Do not look at your phone every 5 minutes.

4. A baking session

Do you know what a house filled with warmth and affection smells like? It smells like freshly baked cookies. Inform your kids a day in advance that you are planning to bake their favourite chocolate chip cookies and would love it if they could join you in the kitchen.

Since it is the autumn season, grab autumn leaf-shaped moulds from your local supermarket and make leaf-shaped cookies. Include them in all the steps. They will not only feel loved but valued when they are asked to pour cookie dough into the moulds or add choco chips to the mixture.

Have a little talking session while the cookies are in the oven. Ask them interesting questions and when they reply, really listen to the answers. Through their answers, they are telling you their perspective on life.

Tell them how proud you are of them for being such a great help in the kitchen. It’s all the little things that stick.

Why is it essential to spend time with your baby?

The weather is getting more relaxed now. It is the perfect time for quiet evening strolls with your little one. Time flies when they are little. Steal all the moments you can with them before you become “uncool” for them.

You need to get creative while planning fun activities with them. When you spend quality time with your baby, core memories are formed in their mind.

Kids are most impressionable during their primary years while life becomes a busier affair for parents after bringing a baby into the world. The entire day is spent taking care of them, running errands, preparing meals, and whatnot.

Our to-do lists become longer, and several unasked-for obligations precede spending quality time with our loved ones. On certain days, taking care of our kids’ needs consumes so much of our energy that we hardly get time to take a breath. You are surrounded by them all day, so it feels absurd to believe that is not what “quality time” is.

Consider these two scenarios: Giving your little one your unscattered attention vs. folding laundry next to your baby while Chota Bheem plays on the TV. Which one do you think falls under the bracket of “quality time”?

You guessed it right; it’s the first one. It is essential to understand that when we say “quality time,” it does not necessarily mean hours. Just scooping a few minutes here and there from your busy schedule will make a world of difference.

Several studies have revealed that kids who grow up in a household where one-on-one time is a norm tend to become more confident and booming. These primary years are the building years for your little one.

Your little ones are trying to learn basic human emotions, feelings, and habits through their primary caretakers. How they react in certain situations depends on how they were treated when they were younger. Time spent with your little ones will significantly contribute to their self-worth when they grow up.

They will feel heard, valued, and understood. And when a kid grows with this innate sense of self-confidence, nothing can stop them from reaching unimaginable success.

The influence reverberates around you and creates a caring, dependable, and joyful atmosphere when parents and children know the value of undivided attention.

Kids who get enough attention and love from their parents tend to become stronger in the face of adversity later in life. What you sow as seeds of love and patience in their childhood bears the sweetest fruits in their adulthood.

You will be surprised to know how just narrating bedtime stories to them or singing a lullaby while tucking them in becomes the foundation of a healthy lifestyle for them.

How you talk to them, handle their tantrums, and provide for them becomes a part of their identity.

Final Thoughts

A parent-child bond is one of the purest bonds in the world. It needs nurturing and constant affirmation to get stronger and stronger. Cherish every moment with your little one by indulging in quality time. A child that is loved and cared for grows up into a strong and confident adult. Never miss an opportunity to bond with your little one as it will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. Mamy Poko Pants understands your child like nobody else as it is specially designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable 24/7 while you engage them in fun activities and nourish their minds. Give your kids a peaceful and carefree childhood with Mamy Poko Pants and enjoy every moment as time flies before you realise it.

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