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7 Storybooks that you can read to your little one at night

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | September 15, 2021

Reading to your little one at night is an enjoyable bedtime routine. This not only helps baby and parent bonding but also helps the little one’s development in terms of visuals, vocabulary, memory and more. Visual storybooks are great for younger kids as they enjoy the pictures while you read to them. The soothing voice accompanied by stimulating pictures make this a fun experience for the baby and also one that signifies the bedtime. It also helps set a bedtime routine once your baby is a little over the newborn phase. So here are our top 7 storybooks that you can read to your little one at night.

Masha and the Bear (Folk Tales)

A classic book of just 16 pages, this is an enjoyable read. The fascinating story covers the journey of a young girl who is lost in the forest and held captive by a bear. As she tricks the bear to take her to safety, this book unravels her journey and makes for an amusing read for the little ones. The simple language and beautiful pictures are sure to keep your little one entertained. This is a book you and your kid will love, time after time.

Goodnight Moon

This classic book has been loved over generations – it presents a bunny in a room, who is saying goodnight to every object one by one. The storyline of the bedtime story is presented in rhythmic text and is accompanied by beautiful mid-century illustrations. Newer editions also include sleeping tips for little ones by a sleep consultant.

The Jungle Book: First Stories

This classic is reimagined in this series and presents the exciting tale of the child, Mowgli, who is brought up by a wolf pack. As Mowgli learns the ways of the jungle and evades the terrifying Shere Khan, it captures the imagination of young and old alike with the beautiful descriptions and narration. Modern editions also have built-in push, pull and slide mechanisms that your little one can tug at to bring the book to life.

Peppa Pig: Bedtime Little Library

This much loved show from all across the world is now available in the form of a bedtime storybook. This collection of story books covers all night time routines like bath time, story time, dream time and more. As Peppa and George get ready for bed, your little one will also love this series with the simple text and attractive visuals. The backs of the books also make up a jigsaw puzzle that your baby will love, when they are a little older.

Baby Touch: Playbook

A book especially designed for the little ones, this is a sure hit among babies. The exciting baby touch range is designed, keeping in mind the baby’s developmental needs. This multi-sensory book helps the parent and child explore the bedtime routine together. Your baby can lift flaps, peep through holes and even touch fabrics in this innovative book. The format of the book stimulates the baby’s brain and helps with vocabulary, hand eye coordination and motor skills. It encourages interaction and makes bedtime a fun routine.

Classic Fairy Tales: Ten Traditional Fairy Tales for Children

In this collection of simplified fairy tales, the old classics come to life with easy to understand text and vibrant pictures. Including classic fairy tales like Puss in Boots, Ugly Duckling, Jack and the Beanstalk, Pinnochio, Three Little Pigs, Pied Piper of Hamelin and more, every story ends on a happy note of learning and entertainment, that has been loved by many over the years.

My First Book of Touch and Feel – Bedtime: Touch and Feel Board Book for Children

This interactive book has a wide range of things that your baby can touch and feel to explore the bedtime routine. Filled with vibrant colours, simple text and exciting textures, this book teaches your little one about the different objects involved in the bedtime routine.

Which is your baby’s favourite night time storybook?

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