5 Must Have Clothes In Your New Born’s Autumn Wardrobe

Experiencing the onset of the autumn season feels like a relief from the heat, but it comes with its own course of challenges for both the mother and toddler. Whether it is about stepping out of the house or even staying indoors, it is crucial to keep the newborn baby warm and cosy, preventing overheating and cold at bay. While the right tips on layering or clothing solves the problem, understanding the fabrics and variety of smart clothing plays a major role in helping mothers keep their babies Autumn safe.

We have listed below 5 Must Have Clothes In Your New Born’s Autumn Wardrobe that will give your baby the comfort, warmth and protection from the Autumn winds.


Sleepers are hassle-free one silhouette clothes that can be worn by newborns to toddlers of upto 2 years. The best feature of this piece of apparel is that it covers the baby from neck to toe. Sleepers also give the newborn freedom to be animated as they can move around their hands without getting caught in an otherwise two-paired clothing. These are easy to wash and come in a variety of fabrics catering to Autumn winds to the harshest winters.


Take your toddler out in style with easy to wear and easy to remove jackets. They not only provide extra warmth as the weather transits towards colder winter season, but they also are versatile enough to be worn with onesies, PJ’s and other baby apparels. Invest in a size or two bigger than that of the new born’s so that it lasts you 2 to 3 seasons easily. Printed jackets are the best bet as any food stains or toddler mischiefs get camouflaged in the beautiful prints and warmer colours easily.

Fleece Rompers

For every travelling newborn babies and toddlers, Fleece Rompers are a solution to all the problems. These are easy to wear, are flexible and offer ample comfort throughout the day. Fleece fabric is a vegan solution to wearing wool, providing warmth throughout the season. This fabric is toddler friendly as it’s stain proof, dries quickly, is machine washable and lasts many seasons with minimal care requirement.

Mittens and Hats

The baby’s hands and feet should remain covered and protected from the Autumn’s harsh winds at all times. Chin-strapped hats that cover the ears as well is the perfect hassle-free choice to have for your growing toddlers. Home-knitted woollen or elastic secured Fleece Mittens should be your picks if you’re looking at low-maintenance, scratch-less and warm coveralls for your infant’s soft hands.

Thermal Rompers

Just like adults abide by the thermal wear for autumn-winter seasons, infants too love the lightweight Thermal Rompers experience. Just like any regular Rompers, the thermal ones too are hassle-free and easy to manage. The toddlers can wear these for a day of full of napping, during the night and when worn with a pair of warm leggings, can be worn for a day or an evening out as well. Rompers are spacious enough to accommodate diapers, yet offer the fit that prevent any cold air passing through the infant’s body.

These smart apparel choices will ensure your toddler getting the warmth and comfort with ample protection from the gloomy days of the Autumn season. Pro Tip – Make sure you moisturise your infant’s skin regularly as the Autumn transition often leaves the skin dehydrated and chapped.

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